Movie Review: Demon Wind (1990)

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In my neck of the world, ”wind” is one of many words that we use to describe a fart; and this poignantly applies when summing up Charles Phillip Moore’s 1990 trash opus, Demon Wind.  Just like a fart, this movie isn’t a complete pile of poop, but it isn’t far off either.  However, if you have an exuberant sense of humour you probably chuckle to yourself from time-to-time when you’re in the presence of the passing of wind; and such is the case for Demon Wind, for despite it’s flaws it’s an entertaining romp that’s sure to have you grinning like a rascal.  Moreover, there’s some signs of a good horror film in it somewhere if you look hard enough.  Like, really hard…  Bring a magnifying glass for this one.

In terms of ripping off previous horror flicks, Demon Wind amalgamates Evil Dead (1981), Night of the Demons (1988) and The Beyond (1981), so kudos to Mr. Moore for his impeccable taste.  However, a more fitting comparison would be Troll 2 (1990), which many regard as the ”Best Worst Movie” of all time.  Just like our favourite vegetarian goblin caper, Demon Wind has plenty of tableau nonsense and acting inferior to a cauliflower; but it manages to scrape itself into the barrel of barely acceptable by having some incredibly eerie atmosphere, scary looking monsters and charming special effects, which provide a temporary distraction from the horrendously bad.  I’d be willing to go out on a limb and say that this movie might even send the occasional chill up a spine; but then it’ll go right back to making your bladder weak.  It should come with a, ”MAY CAUSE SPILLAGE” label stamped right on the front cover, but I doubt that anybody in their right mind would watch this legally.  Me?  Well I spent £4 on it and I’d happily have spent £5.


So the plot to this thing goes a little something like this: Cory is a teenager with dreams of travelling the world, and thanks to his occulty grandparents dying in a shack 60 years previously: he inherits it.  To make matters worse, he and his friends attend despite warnings from the locals.  On their way, a woman stands on a cliff pointing a gun watching their car go by.  We don’t see her again.  Once they arrive at the shack, hell opens, the undead appear and demons pick them off one by one.  We also get creepy little girls and a goats skull that could perform some fulfilling cunnilingus if it wasn’t too busy hanging people with its Gene Simmons tongue.  Get the jest of this?  Me either, but roll with it.

Remember the scene from Eli Roth’s Cabin Fever (2002) where the albino kid burst into some spur of the moment karate?  I can confirm that this was stolen from Demon Wind: only instead of an albino child it was a grown man playing a college student character.  Have you ever seen a movie where a girl gets turned into a doll and her friends don’t scream or even react because the actors playing them are as lifeless as a mannequin?  Well you will see just that if you watch Demon Wind.  Please just watch Demon Wind.

images (28)

Now, like I said earlier: it isn’t all bad and within the confines of cinematic fart, there is some semblance of a good horror film.  Most of the budget has went into the creature effects; and credit to whoever designed them for making them gnarl monstrosities.  Atmosphere and haunting imagery is aplenty, but the actors couldn’t sell a scare if they were hired to print propaganda for the government.

Demon Wind is a great choice to stick on if you’re having friends over for a beer and a pizza or if you’re in the mood for some daft entertainment.  You could do a lot worse and so much better, but it’s definitely worth a watch if you can find it cheap or free.  7/10 for sheer fun.

Written & Directed By:

Charles Philip Moore


Eric Larsen, Francine Lapensée, Rufus Norris, Stephen Quadros

Running Time:

96 mins




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