Interview: Kevon Ward (Writer & Star of Hans Crippleton)

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Kevon Ward is the writer and star of the funniest movie you haven’t seen yet, which you can read my review of here.  It takes true talent to come up with ideas as wacky and original as Hans Crippleton: Talk To The Hans, and along with director, Jimmy Lee Combs (who I interviewed here), the world of weird and wonderful cinema has 2 up and coming talents who have my undivided attention – and once Hans is out there blowing minds I imagine you’ll all feel the same way.  Recently I was fortunate enough to pick the brain of the man behind the Hans to discuss the process behind the movie.  Enjoy.


Hi Kevon, thank you for taking the time out to do this interview with me. So, the first thing I’d like to know is how you did you and Jimmy start working together?

Jimmy and I met when I responded to a casting call in which he needed a vampire in his short film Reign of the Vampire. I always wanted to portray a vampire so I jumped a the chance. Long story short, I got the part and it took off from there. We’ve worked together on every film project since.

As you already know I loved Hans Crippleton: Talk To The Hans. If a 3 breasted alien woman came to Earth and asked you what it was about, how would you describe it to her? 

An SNL like feature about folks who have know idea how to spell SNL.

I love the movies sense of humour. It pushes the envelope in a hilarious, but harmless way. I never got the impression that you were going for shock tactics because it was handled in a way that was genuinely witty, funny and ridiculous. Hans is totally silly, outrageous and gross, but it’s also smartly satirical and unhesitant about taking a few jabs at political correctness. How have audiences responded to it so far?

Audiences have mentioned several times that they appreciate how the film satirizes culture and entertainment. It really isn’t meant to be a shock fest. . . maybe a film that catches you by surprise with certain moments, but really it’s just about delivering humor on a large spectrum. There is some high brow humor in there to complement the frequent slapstick obscenities. The film also makes a parody of how overwhelmingly ridiculous reality TV has become for the mainstream viewer, while having inside jokes for haunted house and horror movie types as well.

As independent filmmakers you must face a lot of difficult challenges, but it also means you can retain creative control and make some weird movies. Did you face any difficult challenges when making Hans? Also, how do you feel about independent film right now? Is it in a good state?

The biggest challenge for me was meeting deadlines one after the other. Each time a shoot date was determined there was a specific set of projects that had to be completed by then (whether it was a set of prosthetics, an animatronic puppet, a prop or set piece, you name it it). I think independent films are in a great state because equipment, software, and just general know-how are so widely more available to the average consumer now.

I really loved the look of the creatures of the creatures and the Crippleton family. I thought Mama in particular looked sexy. Were all the effects practical? 

All make-up was practical and prosthetics were mostly foam latex, with the exception of a silicone piece now and again. One Legged Sis was accomplished through different means (sometimes with a practical leg nub and sometimes with a green screen sock effect). All puppets were practical. Digital effects included some blood squirts, smoke and other finishing layers of that sort.

The Cripplteton’s are a family who I believe could find mischief anywhere. Are there any sequel plans for our favorite inbred hillbillies?

I like to entertain the idea of a sequel. It would be a ways out if it comes to fruition, but the foundation has been set for plenty of story opportunities.

maxresdefault (2)

Once again I’d like to thank both Kevon and Jimmy for taking the time to do these interviews with me.  I personally can’t wait until their movie is properly out there, bringing copious amounts of laughter to many a horror fan.  Be sure to keep an eye out for it later in their year – or if you catch it on any festival bills be sure to swing by.  Furthermore, you can find out information about their past, present and future projects over at Heart & Fire Productions – which I thoroughly recommend you do because there’s some great stuff for your viewing pleasure.


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