Movie Review: MurderDrome (2013)

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I’ve never had sex with any Gods before – or human beings come to think of it – but if I had to compare MurderDrome to anything, I imagine it would be the movie equivalent of having carnal relations with the almighty Zeus.  There’s just something I find beautiful and out of this world about hot Aussie girls on roller skates battling a minion from the Underworld to a groovy rock soundtrack: it’s captivating actually.  When I was a kid I used to skate around my local area (poorly I might add) hoping that Satan didn’t have his eye on my soul (I used to worry about Satan daily until I was 10) – so Murderdrome comes strikes a nostalgic chord with me – by reminding me of my childhood trauma.

Okay so maybe Murderdrome didn’t scare me, but nothing does because I’m a bearded Scotsman who eats children.  However, what it did do was give me a hella good time at the movies.  It was a blind buy that turned into an eye opening revelation.  After watching it I saw the world in a new light: because I was now aware of another unique filmmaker worth getting excited about – Daniel Armstrong.  Not only did he make this gem, but he also has a wrestling movie with monsters which I must see asap.

Cherry Skye (Amber Sajben) is a Roller Derby Girl who catches the eye of Brad (Jake Brown), which ultimately incurs the jealous wrath of his vengeful ex-girlfriend, and fellow roller girl, Hell Grazer (Rachael Blackwood), who doesn’t take too kindly to Brad moving on without her approval.  As if that isn’t a problem, there’s also a demon on the loose, picking off the team, and hungry for Skye’s soul.  Just another day in the life of a teenage girl is what it is.

Murderdrome is completely rollicking: what it lacks in the budgetary department it makes up for in sheer mindless fun, giving it a charm that’s difficult not to fall head over heels for.  The humour is as infectious as contracting multiple STD’s from a Satanic orgy full of bloody babes ravaged by horned beasts – and I mean that in the best way possible.  It bursts at the seams with manic energy and vibrancy, and you – the viewer – will be seduced by its charms.

With hot girls on roller skates, a demon on the loose and enough splattery goodness to fill a Sushi Typhoon flick, MurderDrome has all the ingredients to make your beer and pizza nights all the more enjoyable.  It sets out to be fun and it accomplishes it with originality and style.  It’s also cheaper to buy off Amazon than what it costs to make a Troma movie, so you wouldn’t exactly be breaking the bank purchasing a copy and supporting a talented filmmaker who’s imagination is an asset to weird and wacky cinema.  8/10

Written & Directed By:

Daniel Armstrong


Amber Sajben, Jake Brown, Rachael Blackwood, Daisy Masterman


Comedy, Horror, Sport,

Running Time:

76 min


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