Interview: Tyler Hosley



Tyler Hosley might be a name you’re unfamiliar with just now, but I have a feeling he’s going to scar our minds forever in the near future.  Tyler might have the face of an angel, but his mind is a strange, demented and hilarious place even Satan himself is afraid visit.  Him and I have shot the poop for about 3 years now; whether it’s discussing our love of movies or ideas for our own, we always have fun conversations and I feel it’s about time I more people get to know this guy.  Unlike me, Tyler actually has the technical know-how when it comes to making films, and throughout the years I’ve had the luxury of watching him grow as a filmmaker.  Up until now he’s just made some zero budget shorts starring his friends, family and himself – all of which have been a lot of fun to watch.  Earlier today I got the chance to turn our conversations into a well constructed interview, and I’m sure when you read it you’ll agree that he’s a very cool dude with a love and passion for movies we can all appreciate.  Enjoy.

Oh!!!  He also just happens to be the world’s biggest fan of Rob Zombie and The Spice Girls.  True story.


Now, before we get started on the interview I’d like to give you a taste of what Tyler’s work is like.  This film in particular never fails to absolutely floor me.  It captures his sense of humour and style perfectly – white trash, cocaine, serial killers, necrophilia and 80’s music.  I swear you’ll never listen to Tony Orlando the same way again in your life!

1) Hi Tyler. How are you today, my friend?

I’m doing awesome, brotha! Enjoying the heat, it got a little too cold in Florida for the past couple months, I mean, really, there is a reason why I live in Florida, goddammit! Haha

2) When did you decide that you wanted to become a filmmaker and how did you go about making it a reality?

I was always making movies as a kid, me and some buddies used to take VHS cameras and make these grainy, cheap-ass slasher flicks with ketchup blood & these goofy-looking cheap masks from the dollar store, but I can actually tell you that the moment I realized I wanted to make movies was hearing Rob Zombie talk about him directing one of his music videos back in the 90’s, how he loved the creative process of it all and such, and how it was like creating little short films for his music, I’ll never forget that little moment in my life, dude! That’s also around the time I became the uber Rob Zombie fanatic that you know right now!

3) Your shorts thus far have varied between horror, comedy and crime; and they’ve often incorporated all 3 to make dark, hilarious and gruesome stories. To those who haven’t seen your work yet, how would you sum up a typical Tyler Hosley film?

Awful people, doing awful, horrible things….BUT, making you laugh, and feeling like shit because you laughed! haha! Which means having ‘Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree’ blasting in the background, while a neo-nazi rapes a dead woman!

4) You live in Florida: Has growing up there influenced your work any?

Kinda, I always have my work set in the south, in some way shape or form. Not Florida in-particular, I love this state dearly, but I love pretty much like anything set in the south.

5) Your films definitely aren’t for everyone due to their dark subject matter; which is often portrayed in a humorous way with uplifting songs to accompany it. Have you ever offended anybody with your work?

Oh yes, I’ve offended many people, I can’t remember exactly what was said, but I think the guy called one of my short films “Misogynistic, juvenile smut, with nothing but disgusting, grammar school dialogue” or something along those lines! haha! Seriously though, I consider that the highest of compliment, because, really? Is the dude wrong?

6) What films have been the most inspiring or influential to you and why?

Sooooo many, bro. The films of Rob Zombie, Harmony Korine, Larry Clark, those three guys inspire me in so many ways, those are my 3 filmmaking heroes! It’s like when I watch The Devil’s Rejects, or Gummo, or Another Day In Paradise, after the movies are over, I just wanna pick up a camera and make something! It’s such an amazing feeling, man!

7) What makes a film great for you? Are there certain qualities that make a film better for you?

For me, a movie that makes you feel like complete shit, makes you feel you dirty, etc! Just depressing, bleak, brutal cinema, with terrible people as the lead characters! Those are the qualities that I look for when watching a film, and what I personally always connected & gravitated towards. I just recently re-watched Larry Clark’s Bully again for about the 100th time, and everybody in the movie is just awful, sweaty, disgusting human beings, and I love every second of it!

8) Tell us about your creative process when you sit down to make a short.

It’s funny, dude, my mind is always thinking of different movie ideas, doesn’t matter what the hell I’m doing, I can guarantee there’s a short film idea running through my head at that very moment, but when I actually sit down to write the script, my ideas always completely change! Even when shooting the scripts, I always change shit up. My short film ‘Immoral’ which is actually playing at The Mad Monster Party Film Fest in a couple weeks, that short has a couple drastic tonal changes I changed during filming, and when you see it, you can see those tonal changes as clear as day, but I think it totally worked, especially for that particular short! But yeah, my process is just rollin’ with what comes to warped brain at that very second! haha

9) Since knowing you I’ve witnessed your progress as a filmmaker from the very beginning until now, and you’ve came on leaps and bounds since the beginning. I honestly think you’re ready to make a full feature. So can we expect a Kickstarter or Indiegogo any time soon?

I think that’s a very, very strong possibility, sir! Even if I didn’t start up a Kickstarter, I might just make a feature length with a micro-budget, I make short films for practically nothing, so I think even 500 bucks could go a long way, considering how I shoot and stuff.

10) What are you currently working on? Furthermore what do you have coming up in future and what is your dream project you have cooked up in your twisted mind?

My next short film is called ‘Steps’ about a heroin addict who’s obsessed with fucking his staircase, because honestly, who hasn’t thought about humping a staircase when walking up’em, at least once, everybody has! As for dream projects, I have a script written called ‘Crack Head Holocaust.’ It’s basically a character study of 5 different people living in a 5 story crackhouse, and in-between all those stories, there’s a slasher film thrown in involving a woman-hating serial killer wearing an S&M gimp mask. I will get that fucking movie made one day, that’s a goddamn guarantee!

11) Just how much do you love The Spice Girls?

No words, bro, no words to describe my love for those ladies! Definitely the best band of all time, lyrical genius, amazing stage presence, seriously, no other girl band will EVER come close!

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If you want to more shorts then check out his channel on that Youtube.  If you want to get in contact with Tyler then you can follow him on Twitter here; and if you like to discuss movies with a group of fun, friendly people then you can find Tyler and myself over at this FB Group discussing movies daily with like-minded nerds.  Hope to see you there.

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