Interview: Steve Kasan (Actor & Producer, Wasted)



Steve Kasan, star and producer of the stonerzomcom Wasted (reviewed here) is an up and coming Canadian talent, who along with his buddies at Retro Grave Productions, are about to unleash their awesome short film on the world.  Anyway, with Steve being the cool, awesome fella that he is, I was lucky enough to be able to sit down with him to discuss Wasted, future projects and Canada.  I urge you all to keep an eye out for Steve showing up on your screens in the future, because judging from what I’ve seen of him so far, he’s definitely a talent worth watching.


1) Hi Steve, how are you today?

Doing well. This Cine Coup challenge its going to be hectic. What we are doing in 12 weeks it’s pretty much what a major studio does for 5 months. Making sure we establish our brand and get the word out. Quick decisions which we think will stick. It’s all in part of making a kick ass ride of a film.

2) For those who don’t know about Wasted yet, how would you describe it?

Wasted is a Zombie Stoner Geek Comedy. It is a fun, adrenaline filled ride where you see a group of friends have high adventures in the zombie apocalypse. Unlike most characters in all zombie films, our characters WANT the zombie apocalypse to happen. They are a reflection of today’s world. We acknowledge everything in the zombie genre in order to survive, and like most people I am sure who have got together with their friends and ask “What would we do in an outbreak?” This is for you!

3) Due to the abundance of zombie projects out there, many horror fans are quick to dismiss new ones.  What makes Wasted different from the rest?

First is our characters. You can relate to them because we are just like you and your readers. We have all thought about what we would do if an outbreak were to happen. Well, now we know. Most zombie films & tv, the characters dread the apocalypse. The Walking Dead, it’s a fine show but is it ever depressing. We want to show that you can have fun in this world. Everything is reset and can be who we want to be exploring our truer selves which we cannot do now.

4)  Wasted was hilarious.  I mean, it had me laughing out loud on more than one occasion.  However, you guys had great chemistry together.  How did you all start working together?

The best part about putting Wasted together is that the characters are a reflection of us. And, we all work in the industry in front and behind the camera. Acting, production, writing so it is a collaborative effort. I relate our characters, and us, to TMNT. Yes, they are all ninjas and turtles, duh, but each one of them are so different. Sid is totally different from me even though we both enjoy the same music. You can see that with the way we look, dress and our personal influence. It helps all of us knows each other and came together as a unit.

5) Were there any particular movies that influenced you guys during the making of Wasted?

There are tons. We are lovers of all types of film genres, but, also anime, TV, cartoons, video games. It’s a long list but I can say The Simpsons/Family Guy/Titus/Arrested Development cut away gags really helped a lot with our presentation.

6) I’d love to see Wasted as a full feature, so if the Cinecoup contest doesn’t work out, would you guys consider crowd funding? 

That is a possibility, yes. We also have our short film which we still are showcasing around for reviews and festival submissions. We saw Cinecoup as a really good shot at jump starting a feature.
We might also go the series route as well.  And, if there are any wonderful producers reading this interview who would like to help out well come on board the Killer Couch Potato/Wasted express!

7) Outside of Wasted, you’ve acted in a number of movies and TV shows.  What have been your favourite roles so far?

I like to apply and take different types of roles. Leads, supporting, etc. I can say this I didn’t attend my high school graduation but I did get the opportunity to experience that in a commercial. Yeah, its not real. Yeah, its fake, but, as an actor I have to make sure what the viewer is seeing is real. So even it was for a commercial, it was real to me and I got to experience it. Now I can say I know what a graduation ceremony feels like. Kinda boring to be honest.

8) Canada has been producing some excellent independent films these past few years.  What are some of your favourites?  Also, how do you feel about the state of Canadian film?

It’s the independent Horror films that is thriving in Canada. Raven Banner distributes some really awesome films. Black Fawn out of Guelph, Ontario makes some fantastic horror. And, how can we forget Wolf Cop. It is a fun movie to watch.

I feel that more and more Canadian film is getting exposed and with the talent depth found here. There are a lot of gems which are being made and with VOD releases everyone can easily experience. The internet, not just for porn its also discovery. Who knew huh?

9) What do you have in store for the future? 

Two awesome time travel based projects, but, both are different.
Out of Time, it is time travel, action, drama web series where I play one of the main leads. You can find that here:

Past Tense. It is 1990, a crazy professor has built a time machine with money from a loan shark who wants his money back. The Professor does not have the money and it is Sunday. Banks are closed on sunday.
It’s a fun throwback adventure comedy like Bill & Ted. You can see the trailer here and subscribe to that channel for more updates:

10) Thank you for taking the time to speak to me.  Any final words before we wrap it up?

Yes, first THANK YOU for allowing me to talk about Wasted. To everyone reading this, Cine Coup gives filmmakers the opportunity, but, it is up to YOU who decides to move on. That comes by signing up to the Cinecoup site Following our project.

Sharing it on social media, emails, to your friends & family. Give us a rating, leave comments and most of all Vote. When you sign up, it is free, you verify your account through your email. You will be notified when it is time to vote and there are different periods. First is the Top 60, Top 30, 15, finally, the Top 5. We want to make it all the way but it is only through your support.

We do not want Wasted to be just another generic zombie film. We want it to be unique. We want our Zombies to be different! We want to give you a fun and enjoyable time. We want to make something which you say, “Guys, have you seen Wasted? You got to check it out!”   Will it be the best ever, who knows, but, I can guarantee it will be the most outrageous, high octane film to come out smokin’!   Only you can get us there.

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