Movie Review: Iron Sky (2012)

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iron If horror movies were history lessons, the Nazi’s would be a laughing stock: Throughout the years they’ve went from the most despicable people in history, responsible for the Holocaust and countless other atrocities, to space invaders who live in a swastika shaped space station on the moon.  But that’s no bad thing; if history has been good for anything it’s providing source material for ludicrous entertainment.  When I think of Adolf Hitler now, I picture him wearing a cape in Inglorious Basterds (2009); and when I think of Nazi’s I imagine zombies from the countless number of movies they’ve risen from the dead to munch on the living, regardless of their views on a potential Third Reich.  But now, thanks to Iron Sky, when I look at the sky at night and see the moon, I imagine a Nazi’s looking back at me as they plan another coup for world domination.  Nazi’s, eh?  Gotta love ’em.  Of course that all changes when I watch Schindler’s List (1993) and hit a 2 week depression…

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Now don’t get this twisted as me being a fascist prick who likes Nazi’s, but I’ve always found attractive women wearing skimpy versions of their uniforms to be incredibly sexy, so forgive me for falling madly in love with Julia Dietze at first sight in Iron Sky.  Even though she turns out to be a misinformed Nazi who’s actually a sweetheart who harbours no hatred towards a race of people or the desire to destroy Planet Earth, I’d still love her even if she did.  The same goes for Sheri Moon Zombie in Rob Zombie’s faux trailer Werewolf Women of the SS (2007), which he really needs to make someday.  Anyway, now that you know about my sick fetish, we can move on and get on with the review clouded in judgement.


 The plot centres around an African American astronaut who lands on the moon in 2018, only to be captured by Nazi’s, who we find out have been living there since 1945.  The astronaut being sent to the moon is a publicity stunt by the right-wing president of the US in a bid to appear as equality driven in the eye of the public.  However, the Nazi’s assume that Earth is planning an invasion, so they send representatives to Earth who end up getting involved in the US Presidents warmongering plans; meanwhile, elsewhere, our African American astronaut hero now roams the streets as an ”Aryanized” hobo, after being dyed white through a science experiment.

To call Iron Sky ridiculous would be an understatement, but the overall product is merely average; the first half hour of the movie is absolutely fantastic as we’re introduced to the Nazi’s on their moon base, which is a tremendous feat in special effects considering the low budget it cost to make it.  The early stages provide some of the movies best gags too; ranging from irreverent racist humour (they are Nazi’s after all) to the advancement of technology.  The mad scientist steals the show as a racist Einstein spliced with the professor from Back To The Future.  He’s one of an array of over-exaggerated characters chewing scenery, but he just so happens to be the best of a fun bunch.

Once they arrive on Earth, things go drab for awhile and the movie starts to drag at points.  The humour even begins to get somewhat tiresome as it repeats itself, but the sub-plot of the African American astronaut’s stint as an Aryan hobo manages to provide enough entertaining scenes to carry it towards a thrilling climax.

Overall, Iron Sky is a movie with a great concept that could have been so much better; a screenplay revision and a few trimmings here and there could have elevated it towards masterpiece status, but it bogs itself down with pacing issues and some humour that falls just flat of tickling the funny bone.  However, when it hits the mark it’s a hilarious, goofy political satire with some dazzling special effects and fun performances from a cast boasting the likes of Udo Kier, so there’s enough going on to ensure the lows don’t disappoint your overall experience.  7/10


Tito Vuorensola


Jarmo Puskala, Johanna Sinisalo


Julia Dietze, Christopher Kirby, Gotz Otto, Udo Kier


Comedy, Sci-Fi

Running Time:

93 mins


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