Article: My Gratitude For The Internet Geek Community


”Internet friends aren’t real friends.”  To those who feel that way, I feel sorry for you.  I feel sorry that you can’t embrace people just because you’ve never met them.  There are people I speak to on a daily basis I care about as much as my real life acquaintances who I have more in common with than people I’ve known for my 25 years of existence.  Last month, a member of my favorite Facebook movie group passed away too soon, leaving a young, beautiful family without a husband and father – and our geeky little group without a valuable member.  If one positive can be taken from that tragedy, it was a reminder not to take people for granted – especially the people you met on the internet you speak with daily about movies.

I live in a small town that isn’t exactly brimming with culture: beer and sports are the closest thing there is.  Now, I love beer and football as much as the next guy and some of these torags are people I’d take a bullet for; but they don’t understand my love of film and geek culture.  As an avid lover of movies, pro wrestling, comic books and bizarre fiction, I need an outlet to discuss my obsessions – with like minded people who understand me and share my passion.

I started blogging just to vent my thoughts on movies; then one day people read it and responded.  This led to fun conversation and friendships were born out of it.  As much as I’d love to write about movies as a paid gig – and it is my dream – I do this because it’s fun for me.  Not only do I get to share my thoughts on movies, but it’s led to me establishing friendships and relationships with fellow bloggers, writers and fans, as well as getting to know some filmmakers, authors and artists.  It’s a community where we all support each other, and sometimes it leads to personal bonds with people we might never meet.

When I returned to blogging after a hiatus, I was happy to find some of the blogs I followed were still in existence; then again I was upset to find that many were inactive and people I used to converse with regularly were gone for now.  It made me regret not getting to know them more and keeping in touch; you should know that I don’t add any old randoms to Facebook, but a cool person I have something in common I’m more than happy to have in my Friends list.  Thankfully, I’ve met some awesome people since returning to blogging and posting in more groups and forums.  Sometimes life happens and we have to go live that out for awhile, but it sucks to think people who were a regular fixture in your routine become only a fond memory who you knew briefly in a small corner in cyberspace.

I’m a weirdo with an overactive imagination: to this day I still look up to the sky at night and imagine myself on space adventures with alien lifeforms; I often find myself floating back into reality and wondering how I got there because I’ve spent so long living out my fictional Wrestlemania moment in my head; sometimes I even imagine what would happen if I were stabbed to death or eaten alive in a horror movie.  I play my own movies which don’t exist out scene-for-scene in my head, with actors living and dead, to scores I don’t have the musical know-how to create.  Some people dream of traveling and living life to the fullest; I just want to spend it immersing myself further in the hobbies that I love and continue to meet people who share my enthusiasm.

So thank you to all of those who satisfy my indulgences.  It’s a pleasure knowing all of you: if we speak regularly in some capacity just know that I enjoy discussing our shared interests, whether we agree or not.  If you read my blog or have in the past or will in future, I appreciate it so much.  The internet can be a glorious place and I’m grateful to this geek community for having me.


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