Comic Book Review: Lesbian Zombies From Outer Space: Issue #1

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”Lesbian Zombies From Outer Space” is a title that’s screaming to be read.  It also gives you a good idea of what the story is about – undead alien invaders who like to kiss girls and feast on men.  Jave Galt-Miller has created something special; a rollicking good time born out of love of 80’s cheddar.  Inspired by alien invasion classics like ”Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956 & ’78)” and ”Lifeforce (1985)”, along with John Hughes’ classic nerd comedy ”Weird Science (1985)” – and porn, this is camp, shlocky toilet humour at its finest.


Ace Johnson (think about it) is your average twenty something guy: he works in and mom-and-pop video store, he’s addicted to porn and he has sex on his mind 24/7.  He has a ”good eye for porn”, and his refusal to sell his Captain Hammer video tapes has earned him a nemesis who frequents the store.  Gwen Moffett on the other hand is a lesbian who hates men that like porn.  She doesn’t have much luck with the ladies – her last date got turned into an alien after all.  However, guess who needs to team up and save the world after their is invaded by an alien Space Queen who turns the female population into green eyed, genitalia munching cannibals?

Ace Johnson is a larger than life character who idolizes porn legend Captain Hammer.  So it’s to his delight when his friend Ellis announces that his wife is game for a Menage à Trois with another woman; Ellis, like most men would be, is intimidated by the thought of such a daunting task.  As a man, I could relate to him: the thought of pleasing one woman is scary enough, let alone two.  Anyway, Ace is over-the-moon for his pal, and insists on hiding in the closet with a camcorder to record the hot action.  Unfortunately what he witnesses is his friend losing his manhood in a very literal sense.


Needless to say, ”Lesbian Zombies From Outer Space” does not take itself seriously.  The humour is crude, silly and, to some, undoubtedly offensive.  It’s a battle of the sexes, where the women are portrayed as deadly seductresses and the men are incompetent tools.  Joss Whedon would have a field day accusing it of being male chauvinistic and sexist – it’s not.  Not only does it provide some hilarious satire of how women are portrayed by some corners of media, it also represents male sexual fantasy gone horribly wrong.

”Lesbian Zombies From Outer Space” is off to a very strong start.  I get the impression that it’s going to be one fun-filled, politically incorrect adventure to be read over and over.  Writing this good doesn’t lose steam, but right now, we’ve barely scratched the surface; knowing that it’s only going to expand is an enticing thought indeed.  It’s as fun as the title suggests, with laughs to be had on every single page. Pure 80’s cheese for the 21st century at it’s wackiest.  Check out the Kickstarter and website for more information about the project.  8/10

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