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Are you horror fan wandering aimlessly around the internet seeking sanctuary?  Do your real life friends think your weird because of your taste in film, television, literature and music, so you need a place where you can discuss your love for the macabre and the strange without being judged? Well over at Horror Mansion there’s a room for you, and once you check in you’ll never be able to leave – because we’ll kill you.

In all seriousness, Horror Mansion is the best forum online to mingle with other fans of horror, exploitation, fantasy, sci-fi and underground cinema, as well as other mediums of entertainment. It’s a troll free environment, inhabited by a friendly group of people who are knowledgeable and very good natured.  Not only will you have some really amazing discussions and discover some unknown gems, but you’ll laugh and meet some people who will become your friends.

As a blogger, Horror Mansion has been very helpful to me and others.  You see, it’s a forum solely set up out of love for horror and the members go out of their way to promote it, which includes personal blogs and sites of members and the online horror community in general.  Through the Mansion, I was sent my very first screener to review and they’ve kept coming my way ever since.  Those of you who blog will understand the majority of us do this out of sheer love for the things we write about; a vehicle to discuss our opinions and connect with like minded folks.  Being sent screeners and comic books for free because the artist has deemed you worthy enough of reviewing their work is gratifying and rewarding.  If it wasn’t for the Mansion putting in a good word for me, I may not be able to do that.

Independent filmmakers and writers have benefited from the Mansion’s support as they have a forum to promote their projects, followed by the backing of a united social media campaign to get the word out there.  This is not limited to the artists who have joined the site either; every member is a die hard horror nerd and looks for projects to promote on their own accord.  It’s a Mecca for assisting artists in getting their work into the public domain and many will attest to how crucial its been to them.  From the perspective of a fan, you’ll become aware of projects you’d never know about otherwise.

If you’re looking for a place to find or discuss movies, then look no further. From well known classics to obscure floating head movies and everything in between, The Mansion is an encyclopedia of universal cinema and the members can help you find the most obscure oddities out there.  To make it even more fun, we have themed challenges where we try to watch as many movies from a region or genre within a certain amount of time, with the winner occasionally receiving a cool prize for their efforts.  If you watch a lot of movies, challenges are good motivation for expanding your palette.

The site has sections for everything and no topic is off limits.  The people are awesome and friendly.  We’re a family, but we welcome newbies with open arms.  I felt a part of the group within minutes and it’s been my go to forum for 8 months now.  New people are always welcome and appreciated as new faces keep things fresh and bring more content, so if you’re looking for a place to hang out that’s both insightful and fun then this is the place.

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