Movie Review: Gargoyle (2004)

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Jim Wynorski (also known as Jay Andrews and other names) is responsible for cult classics such as the killer robot riot Chopping Mall (1986) and the hilarious Return of Swamp Thing (1989), along with hundreds of other titles which fit into the beloved unofficial sub-genre of ”so bad it’s good.”  I haven’t seen enough of his movies (because that would take forever and I don’t expect to live as long as that), but, from the little I have seen, his movies have been a trashy good time.  I went into Gargoyle: Wings of Darkness without any prior knowledge of the existence of the flick at all: but I like gargoyles and Netflix reviewers seemed to enjoy it, so I took a chance.  Needless to say I was not disappointed; for a brain switcher offer, this delivered an abundance of daft entertainment to waste a few brain cells to.  Mindless fun was what I needed and Gargoyle was the sweet, filling box of popcorn to satisfy my craving.

In the 1980’s Michael Pare was a star for awhile; Streets of Fire (1984) is the role he’s most remembered for, but since the 90’s his career has relegated to mostly straight-to-video action and horror movies that only get watched by connoisseurs of cheese such as myself.  Gargoyle probably isn’t one of his proudest moments, in which he plays a CIA agent sent to Romania to investigate a kidnapping only to be confronted with a centuries old computer generated gargoyle hellbent on the Apocalypse.

It opens in 1532 where a gargoyle is terrorizing attacking a village.  A priest and a hot village woman manage to put a brief stop to the beast and trap it underground.  Fast forward to the present day and the gargoyle is loose in Romania once again and it’s up to a poor mans Mulder and Scully to put a stop to it.  Halfway through the movie there’s a ridiculous sub-plot introduced involving a cult that makes little to no sense at all; but that’s not to say it isn’t welcomed.


The special effects aren’t the worst you’ll ever see, the lines are witty and the acting is the right amount of bad.  There’s plenty of action involving gargoyle attacks and car chases to ensure the movie is never boring.  For an entertaining time passer, it fits the criteria and I’d go as far to call it a little underrated gem; albeit a crappy one.  It’s not completely inept – just really cheap and ridiculous.  7/10 (for pure entertainment factor).

Directed By:

Jim Wynorski

Written By:

Michael Pare, Sandra Hess, Fintan McKeown


Horror, Action, Fantasy

Movie Review: Bad Milo (2013)

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We’ve all dreamed of killing our horrible bosses, colleagues and peers; but we’d never actually go through with it, would we?  Bad Milo meshes the repressed male murder fantasy with the small creature feature caper to create a funny, gory and oddly touching horror comedy about the fears and frustrations of everyday life and transition to fatherhood – manifested through the little monster who lives in his butt.

Duncan is an average guy who works at an average office job. One day he starts to get pains in his stomach whenever he’s feeling stressed and things get worse every time he tries to bury it inside. As the stress grows, it becomes a little creature living inside him, and it exits through his butt to kill everyone who causes him stress in his life, until one day it targets his wife and must be stopped.

At work, Duncan is pressured by his boss to lay off employees and do his dirty work; at home he’s pressured by his wife to start a family he isn’t quite ready for.  Once he loses his job when the company is audited by the FBI for shady practices, his stress levels are high and his little butt monster goes on a killing spree.  His therapist, played by the always excellent Peter Stormare, encourages Duncan to bond with Milo (the monster) and this is where the movie has a heart warming, adorable center.  When Milo isn’t killing, he’s a cute lovable little rascal who’ll make even the most ardent August Underground fan beam and say, ”AWWWW.”

Bad Milo is a lavish production with a known name cast including Patrick Warburton (Family Guy, Ted, Rules of Engagement), Gillian Jacobs (Community) and Ken Marino (Wet Hot American Summer) as the lead, Duncan.  If Frank Hennenlotter ever went mainstream then this might be the end result; while sporting a non-horror cast and higher budget than most creature features, it still delivers all the necessary requirements of gore, humour and chaos.

A smart, funny, deranged and heart warming creature feature that never takes itself seriously: Bad Milo is a great way to spend 90 minutes.  If you like laughs, practical effects and gore with a story that tugs at your heart strings, then see this immediately.  8/10 

Directed By:

Jacob Vaughn

Written By:

Jacob Vaughn & Benjamin Hayes


Ken Marino, Gillian Jacobs, Peter Stormare, Patrick Warburton


Comedy Horror

Running Time:

88 mins