Movie Review: $kumbagz (2015)

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John Miller’s $kumbagz is my first time seeing a movie from The Sleaze Box, whose reputation I was aware of through Amerikan Holokaust (2013), a movie that’s received plaudits from some of my friends in the indie horror community.  Anyway, going into $kumbagz I was all set for a grimy exploitation movie which pulled me into a seedy underbelly, raped my soul and left me quivering like a broken shell with an inappropriate boner. Instead what I got was an entertainingly raunchy hip hop fever dream that’s unafraid to sprinkle its seedy debauchery with good old fashioned fun.

Kristal ”Pixie” Adams plays Stephanie, a 25 year old slacker still living at home and flipping burgers as a day job – until she gets fired for not inserting a cucumber in her bosses chamber of poop.  Down on her luck, she accepts a ride from a friendly stranger, who then drugs her and forces her into prostitution, until she’s discovered by 6’9 (John Miller); he offers her job doing the same for more money and better working conditions, which she accepts.  However, their new found success doesn’t sit well with a rival gang, who attack them and force Stephanie and 6’9 to take matters into their own hands.  Who will win and take control of the game?

$kumbagz embodies all of the sleaze, nastiness and degradation you’d expect from a feature where the main character spends most of the running time being used as a sex toy, often against her will and whose only hope for a brighter future is a better quality of prostitution.  There’s a sweet naivety about Stephanie that makes her plight uncomfortable to watch at times.  Not to mention she’s incredibly hot and deserves much better than the pieces of shit she has to hook up with.  However, $kumbagz presents the material in such a way that there’s comedy in it, albeit very dark and not for the faint of heart, easily offended or conservative in beliefs.

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Furthermore, $kumbagz has no problem flaunting the sex appeal of its attractive female cast to the full extent, gliding cameras over every inch of their naked bodies, and even throwing in an uncut lesbian sex scene for good measure.  I wasn’t complaining.  Your mom might.

What can I say about $kumbagz then to sum it up?  It’s ultra low-budget raunchy sleaze with colourful characters and a dreamlike quality in places it’s occasionally mesmerizing.  I was entertained throughout and with a 71 minute running time it doesn’t outstay its welcome.  The story moves along at a brisk pace, stopping from time-to-time to indulge in entertaining smut. It might disappoint those looking for gore, but it didn’t need it.  It’ll please the fans it was made for and that’s all that’s important.  This is pure debauchery drenched fun. 7/10.

Written & Directed By:

John Miller


Kristal Pixie Adams, John Miller, Joe Makowski, David. A. Adams



Running Time:

71 min