TV Article: Looking Back At… Special Unit 2 (2001-02)


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Ah.  The turn of the century – or a year afterwards anyway.  The good ol’ days of my early teen years where I’d sit in my pajamas watching all kinds of random television shows that would inevitably be scrapped after 2 seasons; that’s if they even made it past the first season.  One of those shows was the short-lived supernatural detective series Special Unit 2, which followed Detective O’Malley (Michael Landes) and Detective Kate (Alexondra Lee) of a secret police unit as they battled monsters and creatures of folklore on the streets of Chicago.  Cancelled due to a combination of poor ratings, critical panning’s and a lawsuit for plagiarism of an old roleplaying board game, Special Unit 2 never had the chance to reach it’s full potential, but it was always a fun way to spend 60 minutes.

As a detective comedy, it contained all the necessary stereotypes: an unlikely leading buddy duo, who, despite their differences, make a very pragmatic team; an African American Captain with a temper, and, more importantly – a leprechaun who provides an encyclopedia of supernatural knowledge.  As a supernatural action drama, it’s charming with the way it explored random folklore portrayed in a lighthearted, humorous manner.

Special Unit 2 wasn’t original – characters were cliched, the leads were reminiscent (but not as iconic) of Mulder and Scully and it followed police procedure by the book as much as CSI, it was still a lot of fun and watching reruns still makes for some Sunday omnibus viewing.  It won’t blow your mind, but it might just steal a part of your heart.